Thursday, 10 September 2020

100 Word Challenge - Week #1

This week’s prompt

To start this ‘new year’ have a prompt that should provide lots of opportunities for some great ideas. It is:

…gradually, things started to move…

Remember, children must use the prompt EXACTLY as it is written. Se two examples from our children, below:

Brodie D

One day  a boy called Jack went to explore the jungle but gradually things started to move. Jack already started to spot some snakes and then started to get worried so he headed back. Then on his way back there was a gang of monkeys charging towards him, blocking the entrance.  Jack didn’t want to head back to where the snakes are so he decided to take on the monkeys. He kicked one in the face and punched the other. Then he had escaped the forest now he had to hide somewhere then he saw a bush to hide in.

Jessica P

It was just an ordinary day, I was walking down the road, we never usually have earthquakes… actually I’ve never been in one! Everything happened very quickly, I was just casually going past the shops. Then gradually, things started to move, then things started to move quicker and I was thrown off my feet and into the road! I heard something coming from up the road and I knew it was a car, I thought I was doomed. I vaugly heard the driver talking to someone. A few days later I woke up in a hospital bed. Atleast I’m alive.

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