Friday, 27 March 2020

The Tortoise And The Hare by Ashleigh

Long ago, in a small land, a race was held for all to see. There were only two contestants (a tortoise and a hare). The hare was a very good runner: he was sure to win the race. However, the tortoise was determined to beat him. They stood at the starting line and got ready to sprint. 

“Pfffffffffffffff!” the whistle blew and they were off. It was a rocky, curvy track with tall, green trees scattered all around. The hare set off, but the tortoise was trailing behind. As slow as a snail, the tortoise dragged his stubby legs along the path and bowed his head. Everyone was cheering for the hare; the tortoise felt that he had no chance. The hare ran along quickly and skilfully in front of the poor tortoise. After a while, the hare started to get tired from running and he decided to sit under a tree and have just a quick rest while the tortoise caught up. Tired, run down and aching, the hare drifted off into a deep sleep. Now it was all up to tortoise to win this race. Tortoise, who was not far behind, took his chance and trotted gleefully along. The longer the hare was asleep, the more time the tortoise had to win the race. The sun smiled down on him, which made him feel more confident. This was exciting: everyone was cheering and tortoise had almost won this race. Just as he was about to cross the finish line, he stopped to look back at hare, who was rubbing his eyes and looking around to see where tortoise was. Tortoise smiled cheerfully and stepped over the finish line with a sigh of relief. He tied a medal around his neck and stood on the podium by himself as the hare ran over in embarrassment. The hare’s ears flopped over his face and he drooped down to the floor. Everyone cheered for tortoise: he must have been fast after all!  

The Three Little Pigs by Emma L

Once in the near-ish future of 2115, there were three little robo-pigs, living on a small farm with the farmer. One day, the farmer decided that the robo-pigs were experienced enough to survive on their own, and could create their own farm, to help prevent starvation. All three robo-pigs headed off to find a place to build their own houses (each with a charging station to give the pigs power). 
After a while of traveling, the pigs came across a robot, equipped with a truck-load of solid concrete slabs, pre-mixed and ready to be used. The first robo-pig waddled up to the robot, reached up to it’s control panel, and shut it down! The first robo-pig said goodbye to the other two, and set off with the concrete. The pig immediately set to work in the centre of a nearby field. Once he had finished, he planned to take a nap for the rest of the afternoon, feeling very chuffed by the fact he had built a house before the other robo-pigs. He shut his eyes, and had almost fallen asleep, when he heard a voice from outside of his house.
“Yo, yo, yo, what up? Mind letting me in to chill with my bro?”
It was one of the robots that hung out in alleyways and others’ property. Also, who was he calling bro?
“No, no, no. Why should I let you inside my house?”
“Well, if you don’t let me in, I’ll kick your house down into tiny little pieces!”
“I’d like to see you try. My house is made out of solid concrete!”
The robot did just that, and with one kick of his metal foot, the house had fallen down to pieces! The robot shut down the pig’s system, and placed it into a bag to be used for scrap metal.

The other two pigs kept on wandering, trying to find materials and places to build their own houses. Soon, they came across a pile of scrap metal. Steel! That was strong! The second robo-pig walked over, and took it to use for his house. He set to work, placing the pieces of steel to form a cosy little house, where he planned to have a mud bath. This was his plan until he heard a voice at his front door.
“Yo, yo, yo, what up? Mind letting me in to chill with my bro?”
It was once again the robot from before, now coming for the second robo-pig. 
“No, no, no. Why should I let you in my house?” the pig squealed.
“Well, if you don’t let me in, I’ll kick your house down into tiny little pieces!”
“I’d like to see you try. My house is made of steel!”
Just like he had done for the other pig, he kicked it down, like he had said he would, shut down the robo-pig’s system, and stored it away as scrap metal for later use.
“Two down, one to go,” muttered the robot maliciously.

Now all that was left, was the third and final robo-pig. He had now been on a search for many, many, long, tiring hours. However, it appeared that luck had come his way. He was walking through an alleyway near a science and invention lab, and saw some left over titanium left behind! He felt like the luckiest robo-pig alive! He quickly stashed it away and set off, building his cottage made of the strongest existing metal! The robo-pig was minding his own business, reading that day’s newspaper, when he (like the other pigs had) heard a voice at the door.
“Yo, yo, yo, what up? Mind letting me on to chill with my bro?”
“No, no, no. Why should I let you in my house?” the pig said, aware of the fact that the robot wasn’t known for being the friendliest.
“Well, if you don’t let me in, I’ll kick your house down into tiny little pieces!”
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I am sure you are aware my house is made of titanium!” warned the third, smartest, and most polite pig of the trio. Ignoring the robo-pig, the robot attempted to kick the house down, just as simply as he had the other two. A small, petty robo-pig couldn’t stop him, right? Wrong. He kicked the house, but all that fell to pieces, was the robot’s leg! He soon fell to the floor, and crawled away before the guards of the town found out his location. So, the smartest, most patient of the robo-pigs survived, and happily lived in his small house made of titanium.
The End!

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Three Little Pigs by Aimee T

Long, long ago, there was a ginormous family of twenty-eight miniscule pigs. Imagine a home full of noise, full of chaos and full of laughter and love: that is our little pigs’ house. The youngest of these pigs always had the most attention, attention because if they didn’t, they would be screaming their heads off. Their names were Xyla, Yasmin and Zara. The three oldest pigs were now old enough to leave home and find food for themselves. Their names were Alex, Benjamin and Charlie and our magnificent story is going to be based quite significantly on them.

The day had come. Alex, Benjamin and Charlie had packed their bags and were leaving through the old and rusty farmhouse door. They all had their plans; they were each going to build their own little house. But how? I hear you say. Well, you will just have to wait and see.

However, little did they know, they were being watched and followed. The highly dangerous wolf, that every pig in the land knows about, was very hungry. Creeping, the wolf dived under bushes and leaves but never was seen.

Alex was the first to say his goodbyes. He was going to build a house of straw on Uncle Joe’s farm. A few miles north from that, Benjamin was certain that he would have a great life living in a house of twigs on Grandpa Fred’s farm. Then, it was Charlie left alone to find somewhere good to build upon. Wise yet unsure, Charlie set off towards town and luckily found a small plot of land near a supermarket. The more he looked for things he could build with, the more he fell for the idea of bricks.

By now, the three little pigs had built their own houses and settled down in them. Meanwhile, the wolf was planning a terrible idea in his head. He was going to blow all the houses down! So off he went, being sure to fill up with plenty of air. Alex was there. In the house of straw. And then, without warning, PUFF! The whole house was destroyed! Alex ran like the wind to his brother Benjamin’s house of twigs to make an urgent warning. But just as Alex set foot inside the building there was another great PUFF! Now poor Benjamin’s house was ruined! Then they ran like the wind to their other brother’s house (Charlie) made of bricks. And just as they set foot inside the building there was another great PUFF! But this time nothing happened. Nothing at all.
They were alive! THEY WERE ALIVE! Alex, Benjamin and Charlie gathered around for a massive group hug and pulled funny faces at the wolf through the window. That was a story that would go down through many generations.

How to Practise on MyMaths by Jasmine

How to Practise on MyMaths

1.  A device e.g a laptop
2. A pencil
3. Paper 

  1. On your device search ‘MyMaths’.
  2. Click the button on the right hand side which says log in.
  3. Put in the school’s username and password.
  4. Put in your username and password.
  5. If you want to practise then click the button that says ‘practice’.
  6. Whatever year you're in, then click your year.
  7. Click on the button that has the title of what you want to practice.
  8. Then use the pencil and paper to help you answer the questions.
  9. Keep doing it till you know what to do.
  10. Don’t give up.

By Jasmine

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Texture Art by Isabel L

Today, the Year Six were given the following for their art activity:

Here is the artwork produced by Isabel: